The Caulden Road's Reflexion Download
The Caulden Road

Reflexion EP (Digital Download)

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Reflexion is the first EP by The Caulden Road, released November 13, 2015.

Track List:

  1. All I Am
  2. Can't
  3. The Wind
  4. Mirror (feat. Gardener)
  5. Winter's Song
  6. Making a Scene

This release is available in 320kbps MP3 or in high-resolution 96kHz/24bit FLAC. The FLAC download will sound better, but may not play back on all devices. MP3 is lossy, but universal.

This download includes high-resolution cover art and an eight-page booklet (PDF) with lyrics, credits, and album art.

Executive Producer: Alan Lastufka
Producer & Mix engineer: Christian Caldeira.
Mastered by Stephen Marsh.

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