The House Show Handbook (Paperback + PDF Download)
The House Show Handbook (Paperback + PDF Download)
Aaron J Shay

The House Show Handbook (Paperback + PDF Download)

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48 pages. Approx 5" x 8".

This short, but informative, book dives into living room jams, warehouse parties, basement concerts, and all manner of unconventional performance. Why should indie artists care and how can they get started booking these shows? How do you handle the finances of a small tour or single show? Shay has compiled the answers and information you need not only from his own personal experiences, but from the many shared experiences of friends and other performers. Explore the culture and politics behind a house show and decide if hosting or booking one is right for you.

This book purchase also includes a free digital download of the full PDF of the book. Want to start reading right away? The download will be sent out via an email link when your order ships. 

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