About Us

Shortwave Media was founded in 2014 as an all-encompassing multimedia project. We've made music videos, short films, educational videos, designs for t-shirts, posters, and other products, and written more words than we can count.

The Shortwave Media Shop was launched in 2017 as an outlet for some of these creative projects, but also as a way to support and share the projects of other collaborators.

All products in the Shortwave Media Shop are packed and mailed out by hand. And we only carry projects we created, or by creators with whom we collaborate frequently.

The Team

Alan Lastufka

Alan Lastufka is the owner and President. Alan's a musician, designer, and writer. His first online shop, The Fall of Autumn, was a small zine distro in 2005 that grew into a collective producing podcasts, reviews, a published quarterly, active forums, live reading events, an online weekly comic, and eventually lead to the creation of ZineWiki.

His second online store, launched in 2008, was DFTBA Records, co-founded with Hank Green and co-owned by New York Times bestselling author John Green. DFTBA Records is still going strong serving online content creators with an outlet for physical merch and occasional tour support.

Alan lives in the Portland, OR area and spends most of his time lost in his headphones.

Kristen Franklin

Kristen Franklin is the Shipping Manager. If your order was anything but a download, chances are it was Kristen who hand packed your order.

She is a multitasking master and professional organizer who helps keep everything running behind the scenes. Without her, orders would always be wrong and probably late.

Kristen also designs jewelry and some of our buttons/pins. She likes cats and online videos, and online videos of cats.